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Good news

I found out today the bone marrow biopsy was negative! Apparently PET scans are sometimes overly sensitive to activity, so inaccurate readings happen. The nurse practitioner told to disregard any concern about the area in my lower back. Back to stage 2. I never knew I’d be this excited about having stage 2 cancer.

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“This will hurt”

Don and I sat in the exam room waiting for Dr. Asik. I noticed a tray on the counter. It contained various plastic wrapped packages, a couple of plastic containers, and some other items I couldn’t identify from my chair across the room. Dr. Asik came in to the room and briefly explained the bone marrow biopsy procedure. He didn’t go into great detail, which was good, since Don can […]

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“There’s another spot”

I had just dropped my mom off and was driving to Armata’s Market in Longmeadow. My coworker told me beef tenderloin was $6.77 a pound, which was a lot less than Arnold’s. I figured there wouldn’t be a line there, and I could get in and out quickly. I had planned to make the tenderloin on Christmas Day and I was running out of time to get everything done. My […]

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Blonde or brunette?

My sister teaches cosmetology at a vocational high school and has been a hairdresser for over 40 years. I trust her opinion on many things, but especially when it comes to hair. She was my first call when I was looking for a buddy to help me shop for a wig. I came home with a wig, four scarfs, and two night caps. I left a few tears.

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“I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.” Actually, I don’t play one on tv, but I have a snazzy black bag that’s an essential for any patient with multiple medical appointments, a growing amount of medical-related information, and a need to keep everything handy in one portable place. Another handy item you get for free during new employee orientation is “the binder.” Yup, everything you ever wanted […]

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Support group

Family who loves me. Now and always. Emails. Phone calls. A field trip to buy a wig. A bracelet that arrives in the mail. Church members who pray for me, extend themselves, inquire, and offer. Friends. Friends who I see once a week or once a year who drop off homemade cheesecakes and line up to drive me to chemo appointments. Work colleagues who care. Who ask me what’s next, […]

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A proven protocol

Today’s visit with the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care at Baystate was positive.  Don and I met with Dr. Luke Mantle and Dr. Armen Asik. Dr. Mantle, the much more talkative of the two, met with us first, and answered every question I had on my steno pad, including the fact that I would definitely lose my hair. Don asked him about his accent and he explained that he was […]

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This is the kind to get

I was sitting at my desk at work when my cell rang. I could tell from the caller ID that it was Dr. Shoushtari. Maybe she has the results of the biopsy.  “Linda, this is Dr. Shoushtari. I have the results.” She paused. I waited. “I’m so sorry. It’s cancer. You have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.” I had become a Google expert in various types of cancer, including the differences between Hodgkin and […]

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