Tribal Life

Linda Edwards, Writer

Blonde or brunette?

My sister teaches cosmetology at a vocational high school and has been a hairdresser for over 40 years. I trust her opinion on many things, but especially when it comes to hair. She was my first call when I was looking for a buddy to help me shop for a wig.

I came home with a wig, four scarfs, and two night caps. I left a few tears.

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11 replies

  1. I like the blonde


  2. Blonde!!!!


  3. Blonde! But you will look great with whatever you choose. Bald will look great on you as it shows you’re a fighter..


  4. Why not both? Your smile shows your inner strength….


  5. Linda! You know I’m the wig expert. I could have gotten you conrows, and ombre red…lolol. You looked pretty cute in both. I hope you kept them on better than I did.


  6. Yes, losing hair is scary. It is so much of our looks, but I think you look great bald! You have a terrific smile and that is what people will see.Though I probably wouldn’t be brave to go bald either.


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