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Name my wig!

I bought a wig right before chemotherapy started. The doctors had all told me to expect hair loss in as little as two weeks, and I wanted to be ready. I don’t think anyone who knows me would describe me as vain, but being bald is not a look I’m confident enough to wear. I also haven’t told most of the residents in the retirement community where I work. Staff members try very hard not to burden the residents and clients with our troubles. Showing up wearing a kerchief or other headgear in our professional work environment is not appropriate and will raise many questions.

Sure enough, my hair started to thin during the second week. I wondered whether it would continue to thin or start coming out in clumps. I needn’t have wondered. My routine is to flip my head over to dry my hair with a round brush. The amount of hair landing on the floor has increased, but today was the first day I saw a clump. Yikes!

Still no need to shave my head, but I’m trying to prepare myself for the inevitability. I’m sure there will be some tears. My husband Don shaves his head with the trimmer regularly and is an experienced pro. He has offered to do it for me. I trust he can handle it emotionally. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I think my new stylish wig needs a name. This is where you come in. Maybe a little humor will lighten the moment for me. You would like to weigh in, right?! Please feel free to offer your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. The Epaul Family suggests Felicity or Felicia. Here is the Urban Dictionary ( a highly reliable source 😂) definition of Felicity:
    A beautiful, talented girl who will always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on (seriously, her shoulders are really comfortable). She will never let you down. She’s confident, yet quiet around people she doesn’t know. She’s very passionate and smart, VERY good at learning languages, a great actor, ect. No matter what she wears, it looks good on her. She is beautiful both inside and out. Though she may be snarky, it’s never meant to hurt, only entertain. Her smile is contagious.

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    • This is really great. I appreciate the team effort and the thought behind your suggestion. I really love it. Seems as though everyone is taking my request to heart, and providing feedback in a very loving way. I am grateful.


  2. When you were a child, did you ever wish you had been given a different name? I say, use the name you would have picked for yourself! I like the style of the wig, and know you will look gorgeous!


  3. Dad used to always call his imaginary girlfriend Liz. (Taylor, I believe) In those days, husbands and wives gave each other a “pass” as long as the friend was imaginary. I suppose you could ask Don who his imaginary girlfriend might be (various SI and VS models come to mind, but I don’t want to speak for Don). You could call it that and maybe even go by that name when you wear it.


    • Hmmm, not sure I want to go there, when my self esteem is at a low point, but I agree, Mom and Dad used Liz pretty freely as long as I can remember, and it always seemed light hearted and fun. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. I appreciate your continual support through this journey.


  4. I suggest Zelda. It speaks of power and conjures up images of leaping buildings, doing the EL path ten times in under an hour, and oh yeah, fighting this stupid cancer. When you place it on your head you will assume the superhero powers. Appreciate you taking us all along this unplanned and unwanted journey and giving us the chance to be alongside you. When I see you in the Zelda super helmet I will be in awe of your strength and powerful ways. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • I love the thought behind this and the specificity as it relates to me. You clearly do some of your best week in the predawn hours! I can’t commit yet, but would really love to be able to get out on the bikepath again this weekend, even if it’s shorter. The fresh air was so invigorating last time. I’ll post, and if you’re in town, try to join us.


  5. Linda,
    I’m smiling at Carolyn’s suggestion about wishing you had a different name when you were growing up, and very glad to know that you always loved your name.I don’t think you and I ever spoke of this but I chose your name. I was 11 when you were born and already felt as tho my opinion had merit and so Mom and Dad acquiesced. That is why you became Linda Ann Lodigiani. I was thrilled. So this time I’m going to take a step back and enjoy the suggestions as you are from friends and people who know you well. Love the suggestions thus far for all of the reasons given. I love the wig and look forward to seeing you in your new power role. Your loving sister Sue


  6. Well since we worked together, I’ve given up on hair alltogether. I’ve been shaving myself bald now for years. It actually doesn’t look too bad and rarely even bother with a wig around friends and neighbors. It’s actually kind of nice in the summer. Anyway – I vote for Velda. If anyone is a warrior it’s you. If there’s anyone on the planet that can kick cancer in the butt it’s you!


    • Thanks Bev. I’m hoping I get comfortable with the shaved look around the house. At this point, my very white head seems a little scary, at least to me! Thanks always for your kindness. You have been one of my favorite co-workers ever, and I miss being able to share an office with you. When the treatments are over, maybe I can plan a road trip to connect in person.


  7. Hey Cousin, why not Diana aka Wonder Woman for your wig?? You are a WARRIOR!!!
    Love you much!!!❤️

    Wonder Woman is a demigoddess and warrior princess of the Amazon who uses her alias, Diana Prince, when outside her homeland.

    As an icon for strong women everywhere, Wonder Woman is a skilled fighter and known for her intense humanity. Diana is of Latin origin, and was used by the Romans as a name for their goddess of the moon and virginity. This has given the name connotations of pureness.


    • I love all the suggestions – all with a common theme of warrior. Just thinking about this and receiving all the positive, thoughtful ideas gives me strength! Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts. Still loving my bracelet!


  8. Defiance, is the first thing that comes to mind. I’ll let you know if I think of something more name-like (or more humorous). Hang in there, Linda!


  9. Most everything sounds better in Irish. Pop in a word here:



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