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Warrior Women (and Men)

You read an earlier post that featured the Warrior bracelet I received from my cousin April. She lives in another state and surprised me by sending an inspiring piece of jewelry that has become my daily wear for this journey. I’ve since come to learn I’m not the only one. My daughter. My sister. My brother. My mom. The bracelet keeps turning up. Some are wearing it on their […]

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We all have the same 24

This post was supposed to be about chemo brain. My Patient’s Guide to Cancer Care three-ring binder has a whole page entitled, “Chemotherapy Related Cognitive Impairment.” I was going to share a funny story about losing my car in the Walgreen’s parking lot. In my defense, I forgot I was driving Don’s car, but I walked around it twice, missing the Detroit Lions sticker on the rear bumper each time. […]

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