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It was about 6:45 pm. My cell was ringing and the caller ID read, “Dr. Shoustari,” the physician I saw a few hours earlier. Oh. About a week and a half ago, I went to the doctor to have a swollen area in my neck looked at. My regular physician wasn’t in the office, so I saw her colleague. Dr. Usmani expressed concern, said the lump could be cancerous, and […]

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Mum’s the word

Things seem so vague right now. We had a big family gathering last weekend to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday – it would have been a bummer to share anything until we know something more specific.  I’m a pretty transparent person.  It helps me to process things by talking about them. Other than Don though, I’ve only told a few people at work and in my MFA program, mostly because my […]

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Are angry lymph nodes serious?

Twenty six years ago, I had a sonogram when I was pregnant with my son Donald. I remember having to pee due to the full bladder it required. Mostly, I remember being excited to see the baby growing inside me. That’s not what I felt this morning as I followed the technician into the procedure room. What will it show?  The technician was talkative, obviously trying to keep me relaxed. I craned my […]

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Some things go together really well. Peanut butter and jelly. Bert and Ernie. Chips and dip. Thelma and Louise. “I feel a mass in your neck” and “It’s huge” are not meant to be together. But those are the two phrases I heard from Dr. Usmani as he examined me. “It could be cancer,” he said. Wait…what?! Dr. Niloufar Shoushtari, my regular primary care physician, was out of the office […]

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Welcome to My Blog

I’ve always wanted to write a blog but never felt confident sharing. What do I have to say? Who will want to read it? Then, on December 4, 2018, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Creating this blog and sharing my thoughts is helping me process what I’m feeling. I hope sharing my journey will help others to face challenges that come their way. Please share your journey with me […]

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